27th July 2018

Camp Nou

I never imagined a day that I would be getting ready to go watch a world-class team play at their home stadium, “Camp Nou” in Barcelona. The flags waving in the sky as people crowd around the entrance eager to get inside. Merchandise stalls scatter the streets, trying to pull you in to buy their stock. The gates open wide and we stumble into the stadium, queues already fill the fast food stops and the toilets. We scatter around the stadium looking for our seat trying to park up before the game gets going. I’m craving a hot dog before the game starts. I hint to my companion to save my seat and I sprint like there is no tomorrow down to the food area so I don’t miss the opening of the match.

Screaming, cheering and crying.  A game between rivals has brought 99,000 football-crazy people ready to watch the matchup of the year. Mixed emotions wipe over thousands of football fans as a goal is scored at one end of the clean green pitch. The echo of “Alé alé, alé alé, Força Barcelona alé” crossed over the stadium. Committed to support the team they always dreamt to play for, fans were put there all into jumping, cheering, dancing, you name it. I look around the seats only showing red and blue Barcelona jerseys. I’m wanting to jump for joy just knowing that I was sitting in the one and only Camp Nou stadium. The feeling was like nothing I had felt before. The atmosphere with all these passionate fans shook me inside

The Barcelona sun drops over the mountains leaving only silhouettes. Echos bellow through the stadium piercing the ears of bystanders. Lights flicker as they wake up and shine onto the football pitch. Another astonishing goal is scored by the home side. Fireworks and screaming fill the atmosphere. Once the sound dims my ears couldn’t help but ring. I wish I could be a kid again watching the match with earmuffs on without looking like a fool. I can’t keep my eyes off the ball as it comes down to the final minutes of the game and the teams are all tied up. It’s a nail-biting finish. Everyone in the stadium is hanging off the edge off their seats. I’m nervous. Butterflies scatter in my stomach. Just like that, moans fill the air as the opposition scores. No one knows how to react. Tears, disappointment and anger all mixed together.

An anger filled loss against rivals causes mayhem through the stadium. Listen. Hear the heavy footsteps jump down stairs. Hear the gates clatter together, echoing through the insides of the stadium. Hear the anger travel through the halls. People scattering through the exits as though it’s their only escape from the chaos that is about to break out. Pushed from every angle until you escape through a small gap in the frail fence. A crowd of people is parked on the sidewalk and as I came closer my heart dropped at the realisation that this was the entrance to the subway. Our way home. We must be stuck here for at least an hour standing around with a bunch of raged fans ready to break out I don’t know what to expect as I walk hesitantly towards the crowd.

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  1. Keep it all in the present tense. Read it aloud to yourself and you can more easily know where to punctuate and alter your sentence structures.


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