10th May 2018

Essay Ting

I intend to write a literacy essay discussing the topic of Symbolism among the novel “The Kite Runner” written by Khaled Hosseini. I will be explaining how the author used symbols in the novel to describe the two different lifestyles among Kabul, Afghanistan. This is showing Amir’s side of life which contains wealth and materialistic objects and Hassan’s life which consists of poverty and slavery.

In the novel the author uses symbolism to show different stereotypes of Afghanistan. The novel introduces us to two children who are different in ways but class themselves as best friends that do activities together. Amir is one of the children and Hassan being the other. Each of them live with their fathers but the difference is the way they live their life. Amir’s father Baba is rich and powerful and has hired Hassan and his father Rahim Khan  as his servants to clean and cook. This is how a friendship became of Hassan and Amir. Hassan would work for Baba everyday working very hard to please and on his spare time would run kites for fun. The author began to put pictures into the readers mind to show the different types of feelings the two children. This consisted of Hassan being tired and over worked yet still happy to enjoy the little things such as kite running and talking with Amir. Amir’s was generally bored, jealous and didn’t know what to do. Amir became jealous of Hassan as he was making Baba proud and Amir was unable to do so himself. This resulted in Amir wanting to copy Hassan with Kite Running although when he thought of something happy to brighten his mood he would think of him and Hassan flying kites together but also bringing up memories of betrayal against Hassan. The image of Hassan and Amir flying kites together was the one of the main features of the novel which meant that the betrayal was going to stick with this betrayal in his mind and never forget it.


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