24th May 2018

Reading Log #1

Student Name: Reilly Arnesen

Text Title: The Intouchables

Director:  Olivier NakacheÉric Toledano

Text Type (circle): Visual Text

Date Finished:  24th of May, 2018

Brief outline of plot (2-3 sentences):  

The plot of the movie ‘The Intouchables’ consists of a rich man named Philippe who became quadriplegic due to a paragliding accident. This results in him needing assistance for doing everyday things. He needed a new carer and was trialing for new candidates with his secretary Magalie. They hire a young offender called Driss. Driss created a unbreakable bond with Philippe.


Important Idea/s

An important idea that I discovered among the film was how Driss made himself enjoy the job he acclaimed and cut corners to make things good for him and everyone else around him. Driss was making jokes with and about Philippe to give Philippe a good time that he hasn’t had for a long time. This is also enjoyable for Driss as he can laugh with Philippe.

How does this text connect with the rest of the world (socially, culturally, politically, historically) Use specific examples/quotes

The film connected to the outside world because firstly the film is based on a true story which implicates that all the scenes in the movie are related to real life situations. I also think that the lifestyles of Philippe and Driss are very relatable to lives in Paris as Driss lives a poor life with family in a small house.

How/What does this text teach us/you about society and the world we live in (setting/themes/characters/plot) Use specific examples/quotes

This text shows features the can easily relate to the real world. Firstly the film is based on a true story which provides us with the knowledge that this has happened in real life. One of the main factors that I see in this film based around it being connected to society now a days is that there are people out there that are struggling with money and even family with a lot of families being torn apart because of their struggles. These people are generally still kind hearted and can help others they are not just taking drugs left right and centre and are actually trying to help themselves and others around them.

How/does this text connect to your personal experiences or viewpoints?

In my opinion I was unable to relate to the film personally as i have never experienced


Explain why you would recommend this text (writing style/ideas/structure/language features used) Use specific examples/quotes



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