25th July 2017

Homosexual/Illusion Speech


Hook/Introduction: 10% of our population is gay, of that 10%, 5% are still in the closet. Would you believe me if I told you that 10% of the gay community have attempted suicide. Nearly everyone expects that their family, school and even community is mainly straight but is it really. I have experienced a homosexual in my life as two of my family members are. First I will inform you on the illusion of a homosexuals identity and how they fake who they really are. Secondly I will Inform you on the illusion of a family member or friend hiding there real thoughts on the gay community.

Stage 1: In our world a lot of men and woman didn’t know how to accept the fact that they have an attraction to the same sex. They didn’t want to accept it and they didn’t have a choice. I have two family members that are gay and lesbian and they both said that it was the hardest time of their lives. Can you imagine hiding this from everyone for 9 years as you came out of the closet at 17? He knew he had these feelings for other men at 8 years old. Would you be scared to mention it to someone because I for sure would, how do you know how your peers and family would react. What if you brought this up in your friend group in school and got shut down, ditched and bullied for the rest of your school life. In my eyes this is hell, why can’t everyone except the fact that you like the same sex. Why do people think it is abnormal just because it is not as common and being straight. Could you even imagine trying to be someone you are not just to impress others because you are scared to express your true identity and feelings. This is a complete joke, it is terrible to know that most homosexual human beings are scared to tell their friends and even their family because they are worried about what will happen next. I want you to think about trying to fake who you are for your whole teenage years, being unable to express yourself and be who you are. The part of this that I found bad is that these people are unable to choose this as it comes naturally just like we like us liking the opposite sex comes naturally. It is the same as judging people by the way they look because they can’t choose that can they. How about you step in their shoes for a moment. Everyday they feel sick that they have got to pretend to be someone different. They hate it and some even wish to be, so called normal aswell as trying hide who they really are. Now its your turn to try live like they do and see how hard it really is.

Stage 2: Now you that I’ve told you about the homosexual person’s hidden identity let me explain the other spectrum. Your sat down by your brother or sister for a serious conversation and they mention to you about their sexual orientation. You don’t know what to say and you make them believe that you are okay with when inside, are you really? Facts say that 1 in 6 homosexual people have experienced a homophobic remark, hate or crime. This means that in New Zealand on average 7 hundred and 82 thousand 1 hundred and 66 are homophobic. Are you in this group. If one of your family members came out to you that they were gay or lesbian at least one of you in this class would be shocked and unable to accept the fact of someone in their family is different. I am able to accept this as I have two members in my family that are either gay or lesbian and you should be able too. If you aren’t homophobic there is nothing to hide from your gay family member and you can enjoy your time with them instead of being pressured into liking the situation. This isn’t right, these people can’t choose their sexual orientation so why should they change to make you happy. If you are one of these people I can guarantee that you struggle hiding this from a gay person because you had a completely different view of this person so you acted yourself around them and now your disgusted and unable to accept them. This is so obvious to the person as you fully changed wouldn’t you notice if I completely changed overnight. Hiding this from everyone would be just as hard as dealing with hiding your sexual orientation because you are doing the same thing. You are hiding you and you are pretending someone you are not and this is just wrong. Why can’t everyone think that this is normal just like some people like the opposite sex.


Conclusion: To conclude my speech, I started by telling you the illusion of a homosexuals identity which was followed up by showing the illusion of a family member, friend or a strangers identity of around a homosexual. I hope that from this speech you can take away not to judge a homosexual as this is the hardest time of their lives and I can guarantee you would struggle dealing with the same problem. Just remember that 1 in 6 homosexuals have experienced a homophobic remark, hate or crime and my goal from this to lower the hate against homosexuals.

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  1. Reilly, as discussed in class:

    – A hook is something that attracts or draws in your audience. How can you do this for your speech?
    – Look to build on your points with further supporting language features.
    – Polish it off with an intro and conclusion.


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